URL Issues

tl;dr URLs have been fixed and properly link to Seethroughskin.com content.

My Mom Says I'm Awesome

Do you ever find yourself having the most amazing day ever? The sun is shining, there is a chill in the air and a spring in your step. Stayin' Alive plays to your inner voice, synchronized to your very visible strut because, damnit, you're the fucking man/woman. This continues for hours until finally someone tells you that your fly has been down all day. Wah wah . In your head you go back through the morning's events. Did cute Starbucks barista give you a friendly smile because you cleverly explained Heisenberg's uncertainy principle or because you're an arrogant douche with your fly down. (Hint: It's always the latter, even if your fly is up.)

That's how I feel about Seethroughskin. I was so cock-sure that I had the self-hosting Ghost blog gig down that I stopped running unit tests. I mean hell, I've set up server side hooks for pulling static content, my client side dev environment updates Seethroughskin with a simple git push, and I have nice little virtual environment so I can gin up content from Linux without booting in my second boot partition. If I ever learn how to write a proper post I'll be the god of a dead medium.


It came as a bit of a shock then that all the post headers from pages [2-36] used local urls like instead of www.seethroughskin.com/ImSoDumb

If you aren't familiar with Ghost's blogging platform (part 3 of my Wordpress->Ghost tutorials is coming soonish) look at the screenshot above. The gist of my Ghost content creation is this:

  • Ghost runs locally on a node.js server. Ghost can be run server-side but I don't want to fuck around with nginx proxies until Ghost is more robust.
  • Fire up local Ghost site
  • Type. Type. Type. Add images. Print web gold.
  • Run wget to scrape the local Ghost server to generate static html of my posts.
  • git commit output of wget to a repository on Seethroughskin.com
  • git hooks local to the Seethroughskin server pull that pushed content to my active web directory.

The Ghost ecosystem is still *very* new. Devs haven't had a chance to write robust automation frameworks, yet, so most of what I use are homebrew Python scripts and community hacks. This leads to a Rube Golderg framework that should be tested more often. I'll try to be a little more on top of problems.

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